Tale of an open source contributor: Pradeep Saran

Pradeep Saran, an engineer in the field of Information Technology, has been an open source contributor from his college days in Anna University. He started his own website Devsaran. which provides numerous online webpage themes, side by side with first job in SourceN. He was able to generate good clientele through his first venture and decided to quit the job as he was making good money with his venture.

This was the start of a new journey for Saran, as he didn’t know what the future would hold for his venture. But it was his confidence that made sure he pursued his interest of open source contribution with full devotion and dedication. He did not hesitate one bit about transforming from being a regular employee to becoming an entrepreneur. It was the combination of his skills and confidence that made sure he was able to succeed in his first venture.

Mr. Praveen Selvasekaran, who is a WordPress developer facilitating the transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) by offering agile solutions with open source programming, has 10 years of work experience and constantly provided Saran with technical advice. Saran takes him as his role model and his motto is also pretty similar as he aims at improving the reach of SME’s by helping them through open source contribution.

Saran has numerous online themes available on his website devsaran.com which intend to make life much easier for people with little programming knowledge to make their own webpage with an attractive theme. This will help numerous SME’s as they would be able to cater to the needs of more people than they would without a webpage or an app.

With food startups getting attention from investors, it is the right time to help SME’s like restaurants which fall in the FMCG domain to build their own app/webpage, make it easy for customers to order and integrate the whole order management system with delivery system. With hyperlocal domain booming currently in the market, time is right for SME’s to make sure they keep up with their competitors by coming up with innovative ideas like how Saran plans to assist them.

Imagine a small take away restaurant has its own app to manage orders and delivery or maybe a local cab company markets itself in competition with big players like Ola and Uber by taking orders through an app, this is Saran’s vision for all SME’s in India. He urges all SME’s to be a part of the Startup Revolution, that’s taking place in India.

Sales and promotion is a very important aspect for any business to do well, Saran admits that he struggles with sales and promotion of his ventures and is currently looking for a co-founder in sales and promotions side as he is good in technical stack and takes good care of the entire technological stack of his product.

Devfood, the latest venture aims to provide food ordering platform (Android, iOS and web) for food startups and restaurants. Using this service, food startups and restaurants can have their own custom built iOS and Android app for customers ordering food in a matter of few taps. This will not only help restaurants more money, but will also help them market their product which in turn will improve their customer reach.

Saran says, “You will cherish each day of your life once you make up your mind about going all out for your passion, something that you would want to do for a long time.”

Saran provides us with an inspirational tale of taking his passion to the next level by realizing his love for it in time, one of his biggest strengths being the fact that he believed in his abilities. Not many people would take the risk of giving up on a stable job at the age of 23 to start something of their own. Saran is someone who will evolve with time and will definitely remain a stand out performer in the field of open source contribution, someone that people can always look up to for inspiration.

Below are the links to Saran’s venture, click on them to know more about his open source contribution work.

Other Notable project of Saran is 239 Listing. 239 Listing provides real estate photography and video tour to help real estate agents and home owners sell or rent their property in South West Florida.

Pradeep Saran Website | Medium | WordPress | Tumblr

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